I found out that Google is open sourcing (more or less) the build system used internally, Blaze. The open source version is called Bazel. This is »


The Astronauts, the team behind The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, just published a great summary of how they are using photogrammetry in order to create some »

Dave Cutler

Dave Cutler is one of the best software engineers in Microsoft, and arguably in the entire world. The Microsoft News Center recently published a long feature »

Supply Chain Design Course

Right before the end of last year I finished the second Supply Chain Course on edX. This was a fantastic course, easily the best one I've »

Springer Mathematics Books

Springer, the academic publisher, has been maintaining an open access program for a while. They have released thousands of books in their website, free to download. »

What's next in Deep Learning

Andrew Ng is one of the world's top experts in Machine Learning, and had a tremendous influence making Deep Learning a popular technique for problems in »

Fungi and Alzheimer's Disease

A few days ago I read an article on Nature Scientific Reports about Fungi in the brain of Alzheimer's Disease patients. The article didn't go as »

Supply Chain Micromaster

Lately it's been "supply chain this" and "supply chain that" for me. So here is another blog post about Supply Chain! I've been studying for two »

Supply Chain and Business Strategy

Please check also the first blog post in this series about Supply Chain. At the beginning of the industrial age companies focused on efficiency. This is »

Snow Crash

I can't believe I didn't read Snow Crash until now. Snow Crash is a novel by Neal Stephenson in which he introduced the Metaverse. What we »