Supply Chain Design Course

Right before the end of last year I finished the second Supply Chain Course on edX. This was a fantastic course, easily the best one I’ve taken online, and probably the most useful for my day to day job (in Supply Chain of course).

The course began with an overview of network design, and how to use linear programming to solve a wide variety of facility and transportation problems. Then it moved on to finance, including how to analyze working capital, cash to cash cycles and activity based costing, which was very useful to explain the impact of Supply Chain programs to key company stakeholders.

The next module covered procurement, including a brief but very interesting overview of auction theory. And, after that, there were a series of lessons on production planning and material resource planning, which are some of the key processes that my team enables. Being able to see a complete end to end example in the course was very useful to put in context the more specialized systems that are used in a full implementation.

They recently generated the certificates of completion, so here is mine!

Supply Chain Certificate

The third course in the series is coming up in a few months. You can find more details here.

Written on January 17, 2016