Supply Chain Courses

During the last few years I’ve been doing a few online courses in Supply Chain. As you can see in previous posts like this or this.


And the courses have been very useful for my day to day job. Currently I’m an Engineering Manager at Google, in Supply Chain. The team that I manage works mostly in Data Integrity. Making sure that the data that other Supply Chain systems use for procurement, planning, manufacturing, logistics, etc. is as correct as possible. But I have worked in a variety of other Supply Chain areas over the last two years and change. Including planning (mostly factory build planning), sourcing, manufacturing quality, inventory management, and others. And throughout this time it has been very useful to have a good 36,000 feet view of how Supply chains are supposed to work in the real world. In particular to be able to understand what are the general industry practices versus the particular idiosyncrasies of our business teams and engineering systems.

A few months ago I had the chance to write a blog post about the impact that the edX courses had, which was published in the official edX blog. You can check it out here.

Right now I’m taking the very last course for the edX supply Chain Micromasters. A Micromasters is a new kid of educational certification which goes beyond regular online corses, closer to traditional credentials. The last course is Supply Chain Technology and systems, and after it finishes, students will go through a capstone project and a final proctored exam. I personally have some reservations about the proctoring software, but the overall certification is a great way to guarantee a minimum level of Supply Chain knowledge. There’s just a few months left until I’m done with the last course. I’ll post the diploma after I’m done!

Written on February 26, 2017