The Office of the CTO at Google Cloud

As many of you know, after two and a half years I left Google’s supply chain team. It was a fantastic learning experience, which enabled me to work in a wide variety of interesting and impactful projects. But I was becoming too comfortable in my role. I think it’s a good idea for everybody to do something new every once in a while and push outside of their comfort zone.

I moved to a new team within Google Cloud called the Office of the CTO. It’s a fairly young team that was created by Diane Green barely a year and a half ago. After she joined Google as the person in charge of Cloud and the enterprise teams. The Office of the CTO is an engineering team which performs the tasks that CTOs are typically responsible for: help drive technical strategy in partnership with Engineering teams, participate in marketing and represent the company at keynotes, and join in sales calls with our top customers.


Personally, I’ve been focusing in Artificial Intelligence, and helping organizations around the world leverage AI easily and responsibly. And in particular how they can use some of the AI systems that we have been building at Google over the past couple of years, so that they can reap most of the benefits of AI, but without a dedicated data science team. Stay tuned, over the next few weeks I’ll be writing a little bit more about artificial intelligence.

Written on March 18, 2018