Git Branching

I haven't had much time to write lately, work is keeping me busy. But today I wanted to share a site I found recently and I think is really interesting. It's essentially a git tutorial, but with a twist.

Learn Git branching screenshot

As most of you know git is a version control system. Essentially, a program to track and coordinate updates to a set of files, which is one of the most basic tasks in software engineering. Learn Git Branching helps beginners learn how to use git. But instead of simply explaining the git commands it's structured as a puzle game. The levels are git tree structures, and in order to solve the puzzles it's necessary to input the proper git commands.

Learn Git branching simple example

The puzzles go from the very simple, to the fairly complex. So even if you already know git, it may be fun to play the most advanced levels.

Learn Git branching complex exercise

Kudos to Petter Cottle for the tutorial. You can check out his Github profile here.

Written on September 22, 2013